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1. 通过网上申请提交正式的入学申请 here. 请注意,结帐时需要支付30美元的研究生申请费.  有兴趣在校学习的国际学生可以访问我们的 国际学生服务网页 to get started.

2. Request an official transcript(s) from the college or university from which you received a bachelor’s degree and from all colleges and universities from which graduate credit was received.  We recommend sending official transcripts electronically via Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse by choosing uedbet研究生招生 ( as the recipient.  可由院校邮寄硬拷贝至:

Delta State University
Office of Graduate Studies
Kent Wyatt Hall 239
Cleveland, MS 38733

** Non-U.S. transcripts are accepted through WES or ECE evaluation services (must be evaluated course-by-course).

3. 满足首选课程设定的所有入学要求.  More information about these standards is available on each program’s webpage and in the Graduate Catalog.  Materials required to complete an application can be emailed directly to


Graduate School Test Scores


如果你申请的是秋季学期, please ensure that your test scores are sent to DSU at least 6 weeks in advance of the deadline date. Processing incoming GRE scores during October thru February may take up to 6 weeks following receipt of scores from ETS or other vendor due to the high volume of scores received.

ETS School Code:



GMAT School Code:

Delta State University


Non-Degree Students

要注册课程,非学位学生必须 apply online and submit official transcripts to Delta State Graduate Admissions ( Once these steps are complete, 非学位申请者将被要求填写一份非学位表格, which then must be approved by the chair or graduate coordinator of the department in which the course(s) is being offered.

Non-Degree Seeking Form

Non-degree students do not have access to federal financial aid and are not eligible for Graduate Assistantships.

Non-U.S. Transcripts

对于从非美国大学获得学士学位的申请人.S. 机构,成绩单评估是必需的. All WES/ECE course-by-course 评估应直接提交给uedbet.

WES Evaluations

  • Request a WES Evaluation
    • 如果你上过不止一所非美国大学.S. 你需要为每一所非美国大学申请一份评估报告.S. university previously attended.

ECE Evaluations

  • Request an ECE Evaluation
    • 如果你上过不止一所非美国大学.S. 你需要为每一所非美国大学申请一份评估报告.S. university previously attended

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission?

请访问我们的“如何申请”网页,了解详细步骤. The process always starts at!


是的,uedbet要求30美元的研究生申请费. At times, we do run application fee waiver specials on our social media platforms (@DSUGradStudies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Keep an eye on our pages!

我把自己锁在了申请账户之外. What should I do?

Please email,或者您可以拨打我们办公室的电话662-846-4700. 我们将解锁您的帐户并重置您的密码.


Request official transcript(s) from the college or university from which you received a bachelor’s degree and from all colleges and universities from which graduate credit was received. 我们希望正式成绩单以电子方式发送至 Delta State Graduate Admissions ( 请注意,商业和护理课程需要所有成绩单. Non-U.S. transcripts are accepted through WES or ECE evaluation services; must be evaluated ‘course-by-course.

I attended DSU previously. 我还需要提交成绩单吗?

如果你是uedbet的本科生或研究生, 我们应该已经把你的信息存档了. No need to submit transcripts unless you are told otherwise by the Graduate Admissions staff.

What is an official transcript?

To be considered “official,“成绩单必须从学校送到uedbet研究生招生处.  这可以通过蜗牛邮件或通过电子成绩单服务完成, such as Parchment or Clearinghouse.  You can typically request an official transcript via the Registrar’s website at your prior school.  A transcript submitted by a student is not considered official UNLESS it is signed and sealed in its original envelope.


不可以,请只选择一个课程. 如果你因为某种原因没有被录取, 欢迎你在那个时候重新申请另一个学位.


You can check your application status by logging back into the applicant portal at 如果您有任何问题,请通过电子邮件与我们联系


一旦所有必需的申请材料提交, 通过电子邮件收到录取决定通常需要3-7个工作日. The time frame varies slightly depending on the time of year and any encroaching registration deadlines. 一定要检查你的“社交”和“垃圾邮件”文件夹

I was already a graduate student at Delta State but took a break from taking classes. I’m ready to return now. What are my next steps?

If you have taken a year or more off from coursework, you will need to reapply via We should already have your transcripts on file; our office will communicate with you via email regarding other admission requirements. 如果你已经停止工作超过一年, reapplication will mean complying with any new admission requirements enacted since your last term of entry. 如果你只休了一个学期的假, you should email your graduate program coordinator about getting back into classes.

我不想申请研究生课程. 我只是想参加一个继续教育的课程. Is this possible?

Absolutely! uedbet允许学生注册为非学位学生. For more details, visit the “Non-Degree Seeking Students” section on our “How to Apply” page. Please note that non-degree seeking students are NOT eligible for federal financial aid or graduate assistantships.

我目前没有学位,但希望开始一个学位课程. What do I do?

您必须通过我们的在线申请人门户网站重新申请学位课程, 请注意,您将遵守学位课程的入学标准.

I want to change my degree. How do I do that?

You are required to reapply via 请注意,您将遵守新学位课程的入学标准. Delta State University no longer accepts the “Change of Major” form at the graduate level.

Does DSU accept transfer credit?

Yes, with approval. To receive transfer credit, 学生必须提交正式成绩单和建议的转学分. Please contact your academic department and/or graduate program Coordinator for more information about the transfer credit policy in your graduate program.


The myDSU student portal ( is comprised four (4) self-service systems: DSU Online Services, Canvas, OKRAmail, and Okra Kard.

  • DSU Online Services is a convenient way to take care of business online for Faculty, Staff, and Students. DSU在线学生可以注册课程, check grades, view unofficial transcripts, pay for tuition, and more.
  • Canvas by Instructure is the University’s learning management system (LMS); the online classroom, if you will.
  • OKRAmail is Delta State University’s student email system where every DSU student has a unique email address. This e-mail address is your lifeline to the University and will be the means for official communication between DSU students and the campus including Faculty, Administration, and fellow students.
  • Okra Kard 学生的正式身份证件是否也用于门禁, pay for print, Okra Green debit accounts, access to activities, and meal plans.

Students may gain access to these systems with their unique OKRAmail username and self-generated password. Download the myDSU Log In Guide here.

For more FAQs myDSU visit:


一旦被研究生项目录取, the graduate program Coordinator may assist their students with course registration and advisement. Please note that an ‘Alternate PIN’ will be required for student-user registration. The ‘Alternate PIN’ is only given to the student thru the academic department via the Coordinator or supporting staff.

What is an Alternate Pin?

Admitted students are required to enter an ‘Alternate Pin’ when registering for courses. Your advisor/graduate program coordinator will assist with your program of study and course options. 每个学期都会产生一个新的“备用Pin”. 联系你的研究生项目协调员了解更多信息.

我曾就读于DSU研究生院,但需要重新报名参加Comps. What is my next step?

DSU研究生需要完成综合考试,或者 comps, must re-apply to the University. Visit


Student identification numbers, or 900 #s, 在申请人第一次与DSU代表(i.e. 高中招聘会、校园参观、CEU工作坊).  比方说,自从你上次踏入校园以来,你已经改了名字, 或者你从州立大学毕业后就搬走了.  要更改DSU帐户上的名称和/或地址,请访问: DSU Registrar’s Office – Forms 填写“姓名/地址更改表格”.
For a Name change, please provide legal documentation to have your name legally changed. Present a copy of a social security card with your new and acceptable documents such as a court order or marriage certificate.
对于地址变更,学生必须年满21岁.  永久地址必须是物理地址.


The Graduate Catalog is available online at: 

The Graduate Catalog includes, but is not limited to, 学术申诉政策流程和学生支持信息, 研究生入学和学位要求, graduate-level course descriptions, and a list of graduate faculty.

What are the fees to attend DSU?

uedbet学年学费 & Fees are produced by the Student Business Services office.

Often called “SBS”, the Student Business Services office offers convenient management of the financial responsibilities and Okra Kards (the student identification card). SBS位于肯特怀亚特大厅131.

General Information |电话:662-846-4698 |传真:662-846-4791